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Strawberry Bavarois

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Strawberry Bavarois – This recipe for Strawberry Bavarois is ideal for a hot summer’s day, as it is a harmonious blend of the coolness of jelly and the sweetness of condensed milk.

Preparation Steps

Step 1:

Prepare the sachets of jelly by adding just 500mL of cold water and 500mL of hot water. Let it cool.

Step 2:

Whip the cream and add the condensed milk

Step 3:

Mix the jelly with the previous prepared mixture

Step 4:

Put in a mold, previously passed through cold water

Step 5:

Refrigerate until solid

Prep Time

25 min




8 Persons


Strawberry Jelly Micau

3 sachets (85g each)


Condensed milk

1 can



1 package